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mophie Launches New Chargers for the iPhone 6

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If you're constantly worried about draining the battery life of your Apple iPhone 6, then look no further than the mophie line of charger cases, which has just expanded to include three new options. Including the juice pack reserve - their slimmest iPhone charger case to-date - and the Power Reserve, which features an all-new palm-sized design for multi-USB charge-functionality, both models increase talk and screen time, totaling an additional 6 to 8 hours for the former and 10+ for the latter. Both also share the brand's Integrated Priority+ technology that allows your device to be charged before the protective case and are easily able to protect your life-line from everyday dings. Rounding out the trio, the mophie 2X model is for power users (pun intended) looking for an additional 28 hours of talk time and 20 hours of browsing on their phablet. All three new mophie products are available now online.