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The OpenRov Trident: An Open Source Underwater Drone

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After years in the making, the open source design team from OpenRov is ready to officially introduce the Trident, a low-cost underwater drone. Driven by their mission to democratize ocean exploration, the concept behind OpenRov really took off when their 2012 Kickstarter project launched and shattered their fundraising goal ($100,000 of a $20,000 goal) allowing the company to expand development and deliver a more powerful and streamlined drone. The OpenRov Trident weighs in less than three kilograms and is small enough to fit in your backpack, featuring a hydrodynamic shape capable of diving to more than 300 feet, guided by built-in LED lights. Once under the water, it sends live HD video back to the surface using a thin, neutrally buoyant tether, which also allows for control by a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Perfect for commercial exploration, weekend hobbyists, and James Cameron impersonators, the OpenRov Trident is on pace for a November 2016 global launch. Learn more at their official site.