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The Greyp G125 Electric Bike Can Hit 70km/h

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The Greyp G125 is the second generation of the brand's first electric bike, the Greyp G12, and it comes with it extended range, more power, and improved styling. Its 19-inch frame is made from lightweight steel alloy tubes, which was designed from the ground up to combine the best of both the motorcycle and bike worlds. In short, the Greyp G125 comes packed with new technology so far unseen in the e-bike niche, including fingerprint-activation and three pre-programmed riding modes integrated into its improved interface. While its battery alone can reach up to 74.5 miles and carry you up to a 43.5 mph max speed, you can always pedal along to boost battery life or supplement power as the need (or preference) arises. With only 80 minutes needed to fully charge the battery with a standard outlet and a range of optional finishes, the Greyp G125 is well worth a look if you're looking to upgrade your commute. Learn more here and in the video and pictures after the click.