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Husqvarna 401 White Arrow Cafe Racer

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Cafe racers went from being a small cult-favorite known for their speed, handling, and lightweight build to a real driving force in modern motorcycle design. However, until recently, cafe racers have often failed to reach a level of demand needed to catch big name manufactures to produce them en-masse, but, as evidenced by this Husqvarna 401 White Arrow Cafe Racer, the tide looks to be turning. Borrowing their simplistic British enthusiast aesthetic, the Husqvarna 401 presents a bike inspired by the rebellious spirit of the 60s and 70s mixed with high-quality, modern tech and design materials. Co-designed with Austrian firm Kiksa, the bike maintains the niche's rich heritage like low handlebars, a long fuel tank, rear set footpegs, and a compact 400cc, 45HP engine. Weighing in at 135kg and packing a glowing ring headlamp and single rear suspension system, you'll have no problem easily bouncing cafe to cafe (read: bar to bar) just like the old school European kids. Continue after the jump to see more angles and a clip highlighting the best of this new-age machine, which Husqvarna hopes to send to production.

via: Return of the Cafe Racers