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The Jaw-Dropping Venier Customs Moto Guzzi California

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Motorcycle fans have a love-hate relationship with cruisers, often swooning over their powerful engines, but balking at their heavy-weight chassis. While this Venier Customs Moto Guzzi California still represents both sides of the coin, the result of their project should give motorcycle fans of all perspectives pause, boasting a reshaped frame, upgraded technology, and plenty of new accessories. After stripping down the California to its frame, the team spent months reshaping its body, introducing a new curvaceous tank, new fenders, side covers, and an updated seat. Even the headlight system and tach set-up were reworked for a sportier feel. Given it already had a 1380cc engine, there was enough power at hand, so Venier Customs just went with an engine tune-up while also leaving the electrics, suspension, brakes, and tires standard. Their design, however, was wrapped up with a new fully custom exhaust set-up and a sublime gloss black paint job with a single dark grey stripe down the tank to accentuate its curves. See more of this Moto Guzzi rework after the click and hit the Venier Customs site to learn more about their shop.

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