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Nike Partners With MIT to Create Materials Innovations to Combat Climate Change

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Nike has announced a new partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Climate CoLab, whose research has revealed the global impact of materials on climate change. Specifically, the global apparel industry is expected to produce more than 400 billion square meters of fabric per year -- nearly enough material to cover the state of California -- while consuming nearly 1 billion kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity every year. According to Hannah Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of Nike Inc., "We know materials make up about 60 percent of the environmental impact in a pair of Nike shoes." She continues, "This knowledge has focused us on the need to bring new low-impact performance materials to scale through innovative solutions." To that end, Nike's new Making App, available now through iTunes, helps designers and product creators make better decisions about their materials choices.

Nike has also announced a commitment to reach 100-percent renewable energy in company-owned-and-operated facilities by 2025. The company has already installed solar panels at the China Logistics Center in Taicang, and solar panels and wind turbines at the company’s renewable energy-powered European Logistics Campus in Belgium, pictured below. Read more about Nike's plans for sustainability here.