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Red Raven 4K Professional Digital Camera

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Although you may not have heard of the Red brand before, there's a high likelihood that your life has already been influenced by what they can do. Providing the professional grade camera behind films like The Hobbit, it's pretty safe to say that they know a thing or two about quality videography. But don't worry if your film budget doesn't quite match that of Hollywood's biggest production houses because now Red is out with a more accessible rig with the introduction of the Raven. One of the brand's most affordable offerings, priced at $5,950 for the body, the Red Raven comes with their Red Dragon sensor, which is capable of 4K RAW video up to 120fps without tipping the scales (only 3.5 pounds). In addition to the body, Red is also out with a Jetpack package that allows for the Raven to be attached to other structures like gimbals and drones for those looking to up their game. Pre-orders for the Raven are currently open with deliveries expected to begin in February 2016.