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This Putsch Racing DeLorean DMC-12 Spits Flames

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If the DeLorean already wasn't a household name because of its movie star status, Putsch Racing definitely should push the stainless steel-bodied car over the edge with their own high-performance make-over. Although its engine remains the original PRV V6, Putsch Racing modified much about the body, including adding laser-cut hood vents, a custom intake facilitated with a trio of Weber carbs, and a custom exhaust with Catalytic converters that combine to push out 210 HP - more than enough to hit 88mph - oh, and flames. Putsch Racing is in the process of designing a racing version of the engine expected to produce between 260-280hp, which also will allow it to be legal for international rally events, and finished their design with new wheels and racing stripes. Head after the jump to hear this DeLorean scream and blaze the street in the DtRockstar1 produced video.