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Harness the Weather with the Tempescope Ambient Weather Display

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Sure you could fire up your smartphone app, tune in to Al Roker, or even look out the window, but why do any of that when you can have the weather forecast in your living room? This creative project currently hosted on Indiegogo, Tempescope, allows you to just take a look at the weather device to show you what is going on outside with its own physical re-creations. That means, if it's cloudy outside with a light drizzle, that's what you'll see inside the Tempescope's Plexiglas cube. Lightning? Heavy rain? Clear skies? Yup, those, too. (Still working on snow.) The Tempescope knows the weather based on the location you program in its associated app, which means you can also set it for another city to see what's going on there. You can also manually select the weather if you want to add a dramatic lightning storm to pair with your horror movie flick. Initially Tempescope will be offered as a kit to be assembled, but there's plans for fare more. Learn more about Tempescope and how to get behind this project at its Indiegogo site.