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The Official Reveal of the Tesla Model X

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Hyped for months, rumored for years, the Tesla Model X is officially here and the world's first luxury electric SUV is as awesome as we hoped. Continuing to drive innovation in the electric vehicle segment, the Model X is at once futuristic and accessible, selling for $130,000 and promising a 250 range on a single charge. The first six owners got the keys to their Xs today, which are able to carry seven, haul plenty in its large trunk, and, of course, reveal their inner cabins via the dramatic falcon doors. As previously reported, the X shares a lot of DNA with the Model S, making the idea of sustainable transportation seem cool, if not downright desirable. Performance is also impressive, boasting a 0-60mph time of just 3.2 seconds via an all-wheel-drive system and a 155mph top speed. Finally, the advances inside the cabin are equally game-changing without being weird, including the industry's largest all-glass panoramic windshield and a medical grade HEPA filter that prevents everything from harmful bacteria to a bioweapons-grade vapor from getting in the cabin. The Tesla Model X arrives in two modes, the 90D and the P90D, with pricing beginning at $132,000. See more at the Tesla site and after the jump.