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Bushwick the Typeface: A Font Inspired by the Neighborhood

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In the time of emojiis, fonts are called upon to do far more than convey the literal meaning of the words they express. In the case of this new typeface, Bushwick, Brooklyn-based artist Pablo Medina seeks to capture the spirit of the neighborhoods around St. Nicholas Ave and Jefferson Street of the same name. Medina didn’t initially seek to create his own font, but after a day documenting the area’s signature signage, murals, and graffiti, the first iteration of the typeface began to stand out. While Medina has completed half of the process to create the font in classic DIY fashion without any private support, he’s put up an Indiegogo project site to help put him over the top, creating an expanded version completely independent of commercial limitations, including support for everything from studio space to copyright fees. Head to Indiegogo to learn more about where Medina is, where he’s going, and how you can help get him there.