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The Suzuki MIGHTY DECK Minicar Concept Heads to Tokyo

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With the Tokyo Motor Show just around the corner, Suzuki believes the timing is just right to preview their upcoming MIGHTY DECK Minicar concept to the world. Flying in the face of the usual performance concepts and futuristic designs, the Suzuki MIGHTY DECK is a good, old fashion oddball, offering its own brand of fun and utility while also drawing inspiration from beach cars and the classic Japanese kei. With a canvas top and four-seat interior and a name to match, it's tough not to think of the 80s Mighty Boy mini-workhorse, which itself had a dedicated following in Japan. True to its name here, the deck can be repositioned for a variety of needs and weather condition with just the push of the raise/lower button. And when they say minicar, they mean it; it measures up at 11ft long, 4.8ft wide, and 5ft tall, packing a 658cc, three-cylinder engine paired with a S-Energy Charge electric motor. Finished with a simple and clean interior layout, heads-up display, and a fun two-tone yellow and blue paint scheme, time will tell if we'll see the MIGHTY DECK cruising on a boulevard near you.