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MOTA GoPro Wireless Charger

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If you're using your GoPro like you should, then you should have two things going on: it should be in the impact and water-proof case and you should always be blazing through your battery. Until the MOTA GoPro Wireless Charger came around, running out of battery life always wasted your valuable filming time as you fiddled around trying to open your encased camera. With MOTA's approach, you can now use the wireless charger base and the wireless receiver for the device (it works with the GoPro Hero 3, the Hero 3+, and the Hero 4) to charge up the battery plus, via the micro USB cable, another device like a smartphone or a second GoPro at the same time. So, get rid of the hassle of dead batteries and wires and hit the MOTA site to purchase their wireless charger for $140.