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The Lazzarini Jet Capsule

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Like something out of a James Bond flick and the MI6 labratory, Italian design and watercraft company Lazzarini has just announced the creation of the Jet Capsule. Set to officially launch in 2016, the Lazzarini Jet Capsule packs a Yanmar engine and HamiltonJet hydrojet engine capable of powering the lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber capsule to a maximum speed of 44mph (38 knots), controlled with a technologically advanced helm protected by the aerodynamically shaped photochromatic windows. Inside, there's enough space for up to 12 passenger and one pilot, which makes it perfect for a fun watercraft or water taxi, complete with climate control, a complete Bose audio system, a bathroom, and table space. In addition to these standard features, buyers can choose a range of additional features and options, including Armoured, Diving, Party, and Emergency capsule packages. The Lazzarini Jet Capsule is available for order now, beginning at $150,000. See their homepage for more.