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Aeon GoPro Camera Stabilizer

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There's no doubting GoPro technology and videography devices have democratized event and adventure photography. Already boasting a huge arsenal of attachments, mounts, and cases, the ability to share and deliver point-of-view video in its rawest form is what makes the GoPro so awesome. But for those times you want seamless video capture as smooth as butter with no jitters, Aeon has introduced their own GoPro camera stabilizer. After securing to your GoPro, Aeon gives you a feature-rich hand-held tool, complete with an LCD preview screen, an integrated joystick for image control, and battery light indicator displaying the status of its 5 hour capacity. Internally, the Aeon packs three axis accelerometers that together take 1,000 measurements per second to tell the Cortex CPU and the three brushless motors how to balance the shot. The Aeon stabilizer also delivers its own accessory mount to use with existing GoPro add-ons to extend your shooting options. The Aeon GoPro camera stabilizer is available now on Indiegogo for $300, but you can also head to their main product page to learn more.