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Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition - A New Way to See the World

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If you're ready to take your gaming, movie, and sports experience to a whole new level, then you have to check out this Microsoft HoloLens. Just revealed as part of the brand's upcoming 2016 line-up, the augmented reality headset is the result of years of innovation in hardware, software, and technical design, delivering to us the first fully untethered holographic computer. Seeing as it will initially only launch in a Development Edition for developers to expand its platform and uses, being an early adopter won't come cheap; the HoloLens packs a $3,000 price tag. Microsoft is emphasizing the fact that this isn't virtual reality, but instead "mixed reality," meaning there is an entirely new arena for developers to create and explore. Inside the sleek, adjustable-fit device, the Microsoft HoloLens is expected to pack a x86 processor, 2GB RAM, 802.11ac, and a 60Hz refresh rate, which partially justifies the steep price tag. So how do you get your hands on one? If you're a developer, you can apply for one now directly via the Microsoft site. If not, then you'll have to sit tight to see what Microsoft and their band of creatives come up with.