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SHOT Turns your iPhone into a Virtual Reality Camera

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As seen with the launch of the Microsoft Hololens, the world of virtual reality is growing and changing rapidly. Although Microsoft has done a lot to make the technology more accessible, we could understand if their $3,000 price tag causes a bit of a sticker shock, which is why this new device from SHOT may be the perfect entree into the game. Constructed of two super fisheye lenses that increase the field of view for your Apple iPhone cameras, for the first time ever you'll be able to record, share, and watch virtual reality photos and videos using just your smartphone. Already launched on KICKSTARTER and well on their way toward their initial goal, SHOT was the brianchild of two software engineers that wanted to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. By changing the field of view of both iPhone cameras to 235 degrees from 75 and modifying the amount of light that enters the cameras' sensors, the SHOT then works with its own app to stitch photos together to create a full 360-degree experience. To make it even better, the app is fully compatible with Google Cardboard, which will be included with every lens kit. Early adopters can get in now for $70 with shipping expected for April 2016.