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The SalvageWon Eliminator V2

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SalvageWon has just built the ultimate do-it-yourselfer's project with the unveiling of their ultralightweight and powerful Eliminator V2. Based on an old Mazda Miata frame, the SalvageWon Eliminator V2 totally reshapes the low profile couple in Mad Max style, salvaging parts from the donor car - including the engine, drivetrain, and suspension - and combining it with a custom welded chassis and their own turbocharger system. The crew then outfitted the open body go-cart's "interior" with two racing seats with vintage leather trimmings as to keep the overall weight down. With a total dry weight of 1,650 pounds and 250+ horsepower, there's no doubting this is an awesome autocross vehicle perfect for hours of off-road and track fun. Check out more looks below and learn more about SalvageWon here.