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The Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

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With the number of Apple devices to your name slowly increasing, it's due time to think about how you should be managing and storing them all. Luckily, this week saw the introduction of Belkin's first-of-its-kind Charge Dock for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Designed in close coordination with Apple, the Belkin Charge Dock features an integrated magnetic charger for the Watch and a Lightning connector for an iPhone, prominently featuring a cast metal arm with a chrome finish that securely holds the Watch in place at an angle. The weighted dock's sleek finish compliments the design of the devices with a compact size that blends into any desk or nightstand and an adjustable dial at the back to lower and raise the connector to fit your brand of iPhone case. The new Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is available now online for approximately $129.99.