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The Light L16 Camera is Out to Redefine Photography

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While it's true that smartphones have been evolving rapidly over the last few years, their artistic limit tends to start declining right around the point of selfies. But one innovative start-up, Light, believes the now ubiquitous idea of pocket-sized cameras still has yet to reach its full potential. With founders well versed in mobile technology, Light, takes the fact that most digital cameras only have one lens and sensor and turns it up a notch; 16 notches, to be more specific. Combined, the Light L16 uses this group of smaller lenses to capture multiple images of a scene before then fusing them together to create one high quality photo with a resolution up to 52-megapixel. Even better, users can then adjust focus and depth of field even after the photo is snapped. The Light L16 is also equipped with built-in 35 to 150mm optical zoom, Wi-Fi connectivity, and on-device editing integrated into its large touchscreen. The Light L16 is available now for pre-order for $1,299. Visit their website to learn more.