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Toyota Shows Off their KIKAI Steampunk Hot Rod in Tokyo

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The best part of steampunk is that aside from their admiration for mechanics, there really is no mold to fit. In keeping with this concept, Toyota delivers their KIKAI steampunk-styled hot rod ahead of its trip to the Tokyo Motor Show. A true concept car, the Toyota KIKAI both breaks free from core concepts of auto design and relies upon them, taking the machinery usually hidden beneath the body and makes it open to display. In addition to the exposed fuel tank, exhaust pipes, and suspension, the analog-style meters and minimal interior keep the focus on the movement of the road from the central driver seat. There is also a triangular layout for the other passengers that allows even those in the back to feel the rush of an otherwise ordinary drive. Given its true uniqueness, the chances of the Toyota KIKAI reaching the production line is very low, but it's great to see just what the brand could cook up if they had the chance.