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Canyon Speedmax CF SLX - The Ultimate Triathlon Bike?

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Next to an adrenaline high, probably the next best thing for a triathalete is a perfectly tuned and streamlined bike. That makes sense, of course, as most athletes spend about half their time in the event tucked in the saddle over the course of the multi-hour grueling physical test. And with the launch of the Speedmax CF SLX, Canyon may have just outdone the entire industry, creating a bike with a level of aerodynamics and efficiency not yet seen in a stock workhorse. Thanks to a total reevaluation of cycling geometry, the Speedmax sees a retuned steering angle, a host of integrated functionality around the seat and cockpit, and a frame completely shaped and sculpted in the wind tunnel, which results in a bike that only gets smoother as it reaches 50 km/h. On top of this, everything a rider needs for training and race day can be stored in the top tube, including space for two tires, two cartridges, a spare inner-tube, and energy gel packs. Further proving that they thought of everything, Canyon even updated the integrated hydration system and straw to maximize time in the aero position as well as built a GPS mount into the handlebar. With the aim of not only creating the fastest bike, but the fastest looking bike, it's pretty safe to say Canyon hit the mark. Learn more about how to catch one at

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