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The Klokers KLOK-2 Travels through Time

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Where their first revolutionary timepiece, the KLOK-1 honored the classic slide rules of by-gone centuries, the new Klokers KLOK-2 is perfect for jet setters of all stripes. While its design initially seems complicated, once you spend a minute acclimating your eye to its layout, it all makes perfect sense. On the bottom half of the dial, the KLOK-2 displays the current time in one of the 24 world time zones in the jumping hours window while the time continually flows in minutes and seconds around the top of the dial. To change zones, which are prominently depicted with a city, are changed with a press of the pusher at 4 o'clock and the date with a longer hold. As with the KLOK-1, docking the KLOK-2 is a easy as reclining in the first class cabin, with plenty of interchangeable bracelets available. The Klokers KLOK-2 joins the KLOK-1 on Kickstarter looking for a boost to get production-ready.