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The Official Back to the Future Hoverboard Commercial

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"Ever since skate met board, every skater lived to get air. Now air comes standard." So goes the tagline for the minute-long clip starring a dread-rockin', over-the-top skater from the "official" commercial for the Hoverboard from the Back to the Future trilogy. Released by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the first movie, the commercial sees Hover Master's pitchman don a pair of Nike Air Mags and jump on the next-generation board, obviously psyched about how much air he's now able to grab. While much about the series was wrong about what 2015 would look like (looking at you flying cars), at least we do have a Lexus Hoverboard and this whole internet thing. Check the official Back to the Future Hoverboard commercial out after the jump and look for the anniversary edition Blu-ray set of the trilogy to drop October 21, 2015.