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The PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone with Live Streaming Video and Virtual Reality Controls

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Tapping into the inner child in all of us, PowerUp has just delivered the world's only first-person view paper airplane drone kit with the PowerUp FPV. We've all dreamed of our little paper projects actually taking flight, but PowerUp definitely takes it to the next level, putting us in the cockpits of our own creations by embedding a camera with a live video stream straight to our smartphones. With a range of up 300 ft., PowerUp worked with drone maker Parrot to integrate industry-leading WiFi streaming and drone controls into a paper airplane, which can be further enhanced with Google Cardboard for a game-like flying experience. In addition to your own first person view, the PowerUp can fully rotate its lens to take the ultimate selfie or to publish directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter with its built-in video sharing capability. PowerUp FPV will be available for pre-orders for $199 when it launches on Kickstarter this November, with a wide launch expected for Summer 2016. Until then, visit the PowerUp site to learn more.