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Marty McFly's Dream Toyota Tacoma Takes a Trip to 2015

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Although Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett launched into the future instantaneously, we've had to slowly wait for October 21, 2015, ending 30 years of speculation of what the future will hold. And while hoverboards and self-lacing Nike Mags may have come true, unfortunately, there's not much else for the futuristic film to point toward that has come to fruition. That is, until Toyota decided to partner up with the Back to the Future franchise to make McFly's dream of a black Toyota Hilux pick-up truck come true. As BTTF fans remember, McFly dreamed of owning a new Toyota Hilux, a model that was replaced by Tacoma, but otherwise Toyota delivered on his dream, including giving the iconic truck a custom paint job to match the original, an off-road suspension, and a custom tailgate with classic "TOYOTA" branding. Toyota also outfitted the truck with KC lights, a custom tubular bumpers and a light bar, as well as vintage head and taillights. Unfortunately, this 2016 Toyota Tacoma isn't available for sale, but the automaker has versions on display in LA, NY, and Dallas, beginning October 21.