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Outlier Reinvents the Dufflecoat in Liberated Wool

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It's high time that the classic British duffle gets a little attention. Recognizing that the generations-old coat was in need of a bit of reinvention and libration, Outlier worked to maintain its thick, wool look with more modern fabric, but without sacrificing any warmth or weather resistance that came from its traditional sheer bulk. By using Liberated Wool fabric, Outlier not only achieved this, but also was able to increase its freedom of movement. For the jacket's trademark toggle, that, too, was redesigned to be easier, utilizing a Fidlock mag-mech closure in a slimform that can be closed with one hand yet remain secure while on the move. The result of all this attention, the Liberated Wool Dufflecoat, is available now via Outlier in Navy for $750.