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The Satechi Wireless Gamepad Ups Your Smartphone Game

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Gaming on your smartphone can be hard. Between finicky touchscreens and tiny in-game controls, it's easy to make the wrong move, quickly putting an end to the fun. Now, with the introduction of the Satechi Wireless Gamepad, there's an easy way to transform your device into a full-fledged gamer's paradise on the go, utilizing its built-in Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone to take total control over games without tangled wires. Packing 14 buttons, two joysticks, and a directional pad, all the options you need to deliver a wicked combo are there along with a spring-driven holder to keep your phone in place when things get tense. Visit the Satechi site, the Apple Store, or the Google Play store to see what games are compatible with the "iCade" mode, which include everything from PAC-MAN, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K16, to GTA 3 and everything in-between.