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Publish and Timberland Come Together to Reinvent California Cool

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Interviewed by: John Kim

Photography by: Courtesy of Publish Brand

Produced by: Dan Hwang

This season finds Publish Brand teaming up with Timberland for a premium footwear collection, dubbed “Reinventing California.” As the moniker suggests, the first ever collaboration between the two brands is inspired by the physical landscape of California — its beaches and deserts, as well as the radically divergent architectures of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The individual silhouettes take the form of the men’s Chelsea Boots and Oxfords, each available in wheat and black hues. The collection is set to launch through select retailers on Saturday, November 7th, with a special in-store release event taking place at Timberland’s Union Square flagship store in San Francisco from from 4pm – 8pm. Continue reading for our exclusive interview with Alex James, creative brand manager for Publish, on the label’s upcoming project with Timberland.

Release Date: November 7th, 2015 (Saturday)

A Conversation with Alex James, Brand Director of Publish Brand



Freshness: How did you decide Timberland should be your next collaborative partner?

Alex: There was an existing natural synergy between both brands. We all grew up wearing Timbs and use the classics in our styling. Our users were pairing Timberland and Publish together for years now and we organically grew a relationship from there.

What made you choose the Chelsea Boot and Oxford for the project?

I had dreams of a ankle cut 6” boot but never could find one. So we got to make our own with the same construction as the original. Added a neoprene collar for comfort with two very different and distinct color options. The Chelsea was a concept that has been on going for awhile. I personally can’t wear a Chelsea with a heel. So we took the thick classic Vibram sole, added a sleek Chelsea upper; and created one of the best hybrids to date.

What are the sensibilities the Publish and Timberland have in common?

We both believe in quality, craftsmanship, and design. All these elements were what initially drew both brands together. Forces of nature.

In general, what are the factors that make for a good collaboration?

A good collaboration happens when two very different minds come together to create something unique. One other major factor is both sides have get along. I know it sounds silly but it makes the process much easier and more enjoyable. The Timberland squad was so awesome and accommodating!

Were there any unexpected challenges you encountered during this particular project?

Honestly, no! For once in life, everything went pretty smooth.

What future collaborations do you have in store for Publish?

We have a ton of exciting things to come in the next 18 months. Let’s just say you will see these projects launch in Tokyo , Amsterdam, Hawaii, and Antarctica!

How do your Californian roots translate into Publish Brand’s designs?

The concepts of a relaxed lifestyle, effortless styling, and freedom of expression play a large role into our design. I grew up on the east coast obsessing over how cool and different California was. Today, this is my home.


Who are the people who wear Publish Brand’s clothes?

What’s your target audience? From the internet kid to the 40 year old smart dad- we are making clothing for the everyday man. No exclusions. This isn’t a cool club- Publish for for everyone to wear, enjoy, and grow!

What direction do you see menswear going in the next few years?

We are going back to the 90’s- the beloved era I grew up in. Grunge meets the future. Baggy mixed with tapered and refined. Best believe we have a slew of styles we will be introducing over the next two years to keep everyone on their toes.

Is there a message you’d like to express to our readers?

Thank you for growing with us. We appreciate every single one of you.