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500 Stormtroopers Take Over the Great Wall of China

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As if it wasn't already difficult enough to avoid the build-up surrounding the impending release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, especially since it's October 19 trailer, Disney has sent 500 Stormtroopers to invade the Great Wall of China. Set up along the steps of the The Great Wall of China's Juyongguan section, the arrival of the Stormtrooper replicas appeared alongside huge billboards stating "The Force Awakens" in Chinese as well as lightsaber and other merchandise give-aways. Although the film is already expected to be a blockbuster, Disney is hoping to further tap into the world's second largest film market, even without having an official release date for the film in China yet. In addition, Disney and 20th Century Fox have arranged for Tencent to coordinate streaming the first six films, which have - surprisingly - never actually screened there before. Either way, the message is clear: Star Wars is coming, China. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in the States on December 18.

via TechTimes