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The Next Generation Lexus LF-FC Fuel Cell Flagship Goes Official

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Lexus took to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show to show off their new LF-FC, which strongly suggests what the future of their luxury sedan line will offer. High-tech features are practically spilling out of its futuristic cabin, with the Lexus LF-FC concept packed with screens for just about everything from audio to air control, including an advanced human-machine interface guided by gestures and a small holographic image rising out of the center console. The Lexus LF-FC is also all-wheel-drive thanks to a "high output" fuel cell power system tucked near the rear axle that sends power to the in-wheel motors at the front, offering improved handling and stability. The exterior also fits the brand's "visionary" claim, offering a full-sized body that incorporates their "L-finesse" philosophy with a large spindle grill, L-shaped LED lights, a sloping roofline, and 21-inch aluminum and carbon fiber wheels. While we still have to wait longer for fuel cell drivetrain technology like this to mature, Lexus certainly has a lot in store for future generations of their LS line-up.