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The Sleek Mazda RX-Vision Concept Revealed in Tokyo

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At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda announced plans to bring the rotary engine back to life, unveiling their gorgeous new rear-drive RX-Vision Concept coupe. What looks to be the brand's next-generation sports coupe to succeed the RX-7, this Mazda is powered by a "SkyActiv-R" engine, proving that although they stopped mass-producing the model, they never did fully stop its R&D activities surrounding the lesser known engine style. This, of course, is a good thing as rotary engines have long fought hard to meet fuel efficiency and emissions guidelines, but their ability to cram immense power into a compact, lightweight package when compared to heavy piston-driven engines continues to fuel the drive for innovation. Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker didn't share any specific performance details, but do hope this exercise in design turns into a return to an even greater Mazda RX line in the near future. Until then, see every angle of this concept below.