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The Griffin Guide Cable Management System Makes Sense of your Mess

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With devices pretty much coming out of our ears, dealing with all the wires and cables can get a little out of hand. As we all know, these wires seemingly take on a life of their own, that is, until the Griffin Guide cable management system came around; a prime example of one those things you never knew existed, but now you know you can never live without. Comprised of a set of magnetic anchors fitted to polished steel and anodized aluminum, the system allows for complete customization; use just one anchor or a combination of all three however you see fit. Each of the three bases weighs 16 ounces and are fitted with a non-skid base with one of three cable anchors initially connected. From there, it's up to you how you want to organize your cables and get your life under control. The Griffin Guide cable management system is available now via their online shop for $40.