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Sneaker Politics x Saucony Honors the Battle of the New Orleans

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You have to wonder where we'd be today if it wasn't for a three ton, massive cannon pointed right at the British by General Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. Part of the final throws of the war between the two countries, that relic is still on display today in Louisiana reminding us of our joint history and even inspiring this Sneaker Politics x Saucony Courageous silhouette. Donning a tonal turquoise blue suede upper paired with golden detailing on the tongue, this model is the first of two from the partnership, commemorating the cannon and this chapter of history in a way these two know best. This Sneaker Politics x Saucony Courageous releases October 30, 2015 with the second installment coming by mid-November, so stay tuned.