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Ulo is Your Own Interactive Home Monitoring Owl

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There's no denying that there's a need for home monitoring these days, so why not have a little fun with it? Instead of affixing one of those industrial looking options also used at the gas station to your house, an innovative and creative option has just hit KICKSTARTER in the form of Ulo. While it serves its initial function to be an interactive home surveillance and monitoring system, Ulo has a bit of smart fun with the concept, introducing you to a cute surveillance camera that interacts with you through eye expressions, communicating to you everything from the weather to what's going on while you're not home. At any moment, you can use the accompanying app to not only customize your owl, but interact with it; blinking when it takes a picture, squinting when someone is watching live video, and looking tired when the battery is low (it lasts up to 2 days). Alert mode is also activated anytime your smartphone leaves your wifi network, recording video on its own locally. The project, designed by Vivien Muller, is currently on Kickstarter looking for help with final production ahead of delivery in late 2016.