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Nixon Drops More Star Wars Watches From the Dark Side

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Now that we look back on our first preview of the Nixon Star Wars watches, we had no idea just how big this drop would be. In addition to the three already displayed, Nixon has dropped six more white Stormtrooper timepieces, three more Imperior Pilot units, the famed, limited edition Darth Vader 51-30 Automatic LTD as well as four other Vader pieces, and two Boba-Fett-inspired options that stand-out among the otherwise Dark range. With so many watches packed with film details to choose from at so many price points, there's something for every kind of Star Wars fan. Check out the price list below and look for these to drop from Nixon and their retailers around the world soon.

Stormtrooper Ranger - $375 Stormtrooper 51-30 - $550 Stormtrooper Unit 40 - $125 Stormtrooper Ranger 40 - $200 Stormtrooper Smal Time Teller P - $75 Stormtrooper Unit - $150 Stormtrooper Time Teller P - $75 Imperial Pilot Ranger - $375 Imperial Pilot Ranger 40 - $200 Imperial Pilot Unit - $150 Imperial Pilot Unit 40 - $125 Darth Vader 51-30 Automatic LTD - $2,500 Darth Vader 51-30 - $550 Darth Vader Sentry SS - $275 Darth Vader Time Teller Leather - $125 Darth Vader Timer Teller Small Leather - $125 Boba Fett Ranger LTD - $350 Boba Fett Unit LTD - $175

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