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HiddenHUB Scans Your Room Layout to Deliver Optimal Sound

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Based in New York City, Hidden is making waves with its new HiddenHUB speaker system comprising four high-definition drivers and a neodymium subwoofer, all housed in a glass fiber, reinforced polymer endoskeleton. The controls are all contained on a smart dial up the top, which also features a glowing blue ring that turns the HiddenHub into a working sconce when it's mounted on the wall. The Hub can share sound with nearby Bluetooth speakers or a network of other Hubs for multi-room audio, using your home WiFi network to communicate. Mobile devices and computers connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, WiFi or Airplay. HiddenHub's most unique feature has to be its adaptive sound technology, which uses an accelerometer to detect whether it's laying flat or mounted vertically on a wall. It also uses infrared sensors to scan the area so it can optimize the audio output according to the environment. Check out the video overview below, then head over to HiddenHub's Kickstarter page.