A Full-size Origami Nissan Juke Celebrates a Brand Milestone


There are a lot of creative ways to mark a milestone these days, but leave it to Nissan to celebrate the Juke's fifth birthday by unveiling a full-size origami replica of the compact crossover. With the help of British artist Owen Gildersleeve and over 2,000 pieces of paper, the Nissan Juke replica came to life, taking more than 200 hours to fold, place, and finish the to-scale project. Nissan also to the occasion to highlight that over 700,000 Jukes have been delivered, making the funky, fun car their second best-selling model in Europe and pointing toward a second generation likely in the wings late next year. Continue the walk-around of the finished origami Nissan Juke below, including a video showcasing the talent and patience that Gildersleeve displayed in spades.