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visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura Lives the Vintage Life

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For its latest “Profile in Style” feature from The New York Times T Magazine, the publication casts a spotlight on Hiroki Nakamura, the mastermind behind cult Japanese brand visvim. While casual fans may associate visvim as the label that introduced the fringed FBT to sneaker obsessives, die-hards gladly pay exorbitant prices for the brand’s exquisitely made goods. As the piece notes, “Elaborate parkas are rendered in state-of-the-art technical fabric, and rough-textured shirts that mimic hand-loomed garments from the 1880s are dyed in pits in the ground fed by live bacteria.”

The aesthetic of the brand is closely tied to Nakamura’s personal vision, whose ethos is the precise opposite of fast fashion. His goal, he says, “is to create future vintage,” meaning his products are imbued with craftsmanship and permanence. “Our focus is the feeling,’” Nakamura says. And like all successful brands that cultivate a rabid following, visvim is an expression of the individual. He continues, ‘”I make what I like, I wear what I like, I do what I like. Just being honest with myself — that’s my aesthetic.’”

Head over to T Magazine to read the entire article, as well as an accompanying feature listing Nakamura’s essentials.