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Geiger Cars Tunes the Dodge Viper GTS to 710HP

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Usually the Dodge Viper GTS doesn't need a helping hand when it comes to speed and aggressive styling, but the team from Germany's Geiger Cars has developed an elaborate upgrade program that has added a heap of both. Work began under the hood on the V10 8.4-liter engine, including a modified airbox and custom-made exhaust system fitted with tubular headers and sport catalysts. Geiger also tweaked the ECU, which helped boost total output to 710HP and 861 lb-ft of torque, or a gain of more than 50 horsepower and torque each. Besides the 700+ HP and 2.9 second 62mph time, this Dodge Viper GTS also received a coil-over suspension package that lowers height by 30mm and a new carbon fiber aero kit complete with a mean rear spoiler. The entire Geiger Cars kit is available now, so reach out to that team to learn more about how to inject some more venom in your ride.