Peek Inside the NYC Nike ACG Pop-up Space Honoring Sneakerboots


Although Sneakerboots are nothing new, they still are a type of footwear that takes some getting used to. To help people try out their products and mark their larger holiday collection, Nike ACG has opened up a new pop-up space in New York City, giving Nike+ members in the city a chance to stop in and try out some of their latest gear. Located at 135 Bowery, the Nike ACG Pop-up Space is packed with new cold weather gear, including the brand's latest sneakerboots, recent NikeLab drops, and ACG products. The space will also serve as the launch point for several Nike-lead urban hikes that will explore the city, both demonstrating the capacity of their Snearboots and hopefully showing you a thing or two about the de facto sneaker capital. If you want to learn more about some of brand's dopest sneakerboots or if just want to check out some of the newest Nike ACG offerings, head down to 135 Bowery to take it all in. In the meantime, check out the photos below for a sneak peek inside.