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The Electric-Powered BMW eS1000RR Superbike Concept is Alive

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Alongside all of the full-size concepts revealed this week at Dubai, it's time for something a little different: the BMW eS1000RR Superbike Concept. While the S1000RR won't let out a mighty roar when you turn over its electric engine, everything else about this superbike looks and acts like a gas-powered model, mainly because the Munich boys crammed batteries and a motor underneath a regular S1000RR body. While exact performance specifications weren't revealed, other BMW electric superbikes have delivered around 200 HP and, thanks to its instantaneous torque deployment, those 200 ponies will leave the competition scratching their heads in your slipstream. As of now BMW Motorrad is pointing toward an official reveal at the EICMA 2015 event scheduled for the week of November 16, so expect more official details then. Otherwise, the reveal of the BMW eS1000RR Superbike is pointing toward an exciting future for electric-powered sport motorcycles and puts the idea of zero emissions closer in reach.