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Reach Intergalactic Fame with the Han Solo "Fist Shot" Blaster Flask

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A simple smuggler to some, maybe a scoundrel to others, but always a hero to the Rebel Alliance. Whatever you think of the man behind the wheel of the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars series, you have to think this Han Solo "Fist Shot" Blaster Flask is something special. While making props from the movie is nothing new, If Industries is on to something with the launch of this blaster-turned-flask, which takes Solo's trusty weapon and turns it into a your own trusty sidekick. The Blaster Flask is capable of "shooting" 4.4 ounces of your beverage of choice into the 1.5 ounce silver barrel that doubles as a shot glass. The designers behind the product are still trying to work things out with Disney (for obvious reasons) so they can send their creation back into the market, but Han Solo has overcome far worse. Stay tuned to the If Industries site for more on this one.

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