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A First Look Inside the Insane LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ

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Like dangling a lollipop in front of a baby, the decision to share a full album of photos of the new LEGOGhostbusters Firehouse HQ with over a month until its release is quite cruel. Fortunately, the release is packed with plenty of new interior and up-close pictures of the 4,634 piece set, giving us a far better idea of the scale than seen in our first preview last month. A look at its impeccably detailed exterior should have been clue enough of the great lengths that LEGO went through to produce the now-famous Hook & Ladder 8 firehouse, but you simply can't be prepared for what you'll find when you open up the three floor set for the first time. Packed with references to the movie - a toaster dancing on the pool table, Egon experimenting in the lab, slime coming out of the toilet, a functioning kitchen, and so much more - the book-like set is also paired with all the necessary figurines, including Janine Melnitz with glasses halfway down her nose. Look for this 14-inch tall set to launch beginning this January 2016 directly via LEGO for $350.