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Dominate Snowball Fights with the Hammacher Schlemmer Snowball Blaster Pro

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Don't let little Timmy down the street have the any chance this year by creaming him with this new Snowball Blaster Pro from Hammacher Schlemmer. A game changer if there ever was one, this incredible snowball launcher turns simple, innocent snow into high-powered projectiles that can travel up to 80 feet. (You read that right) You don't even have to shape your own snowball; just fill up the chamber, snap on the lid, and deliver three softball sized snowballs toward your targets with its built-in sling-shot like mechanism. If the Snowball Blaster Pro and the pleasure of smacking your friends and family with snowballs isn't worth $35, we don't know what is. Find it now directly from the Hammacher Schlemmer online store.