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The EdgeGear SHIFT Band Challenges Traditional Smartwatch Wear

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Everything else, it seems, in a runner's or cyclist's arsenal has evolved over time to reflect new developments in technology and material-science--except for the placement of our watches. With the advent of new smartwatches that deliver a torrent of information, there's even more of a need to peer down at your timepiece to see how you are tracking, but this information still is not in our natural line of sight. That's where the EdgeGear SHIFT Band comes in: working with your existing fitness or smartwatch, the new wrist strap wraps around your hand to ease your viewing angle. Ultra-lightweight, completely adjustable, flexible for both right and left hand wear, and compatible with everything from the Apple Watch, the Pebble, and many Suunto and Garmin watches, the EdgeGear SHIFT will forever change how you think about wearing watches. Available now for pre-order for $29.99 ahead of its March 2016 deliver date.