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The Ducati XDiavel DVT Stuns Admirers at EICMA Motorcycle Show | Video

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Ducati's latest stunner comes in the form of this XDiavel DVT. Revealed at this year's EICMA - which is pretty much the biggest motorcycle show in the world - the Ducati XDiavel DVT is the brand's first attempt to blend the spirit of a classic, open-road cruiser with that of their signature superbikes. While die-hard Ducati fans will need some time to wrap their minds around this latest development, Ducati instead bills the release as a way to expand their customer base toward those looking for all-around rider comfort and "low speed excitement." The "X" in the name itself represents the merging together of Ducati's signature high-performance bikes with that of cruisers like those from Harley-Davidson or Goldwing, boasting a new Testastretta 1262 engine with 156 HP and 95 lb-ft of torque. All that power goes to Ducati's first belt drive system, which is a given on standard cruiser bikes due to its smooth ride and low noise. Otherwise, Ducati tech can be seen throughout, including the proximity key technology, a Ducati Power Launch button for that signature brand acceleration, and an electric dash. The long and short of it, stay tuned for more from both EICMA and Ducati as things are certainly off to a strong start.