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The First Trailer for ZOOLANDER 2 is Really Really Really Good Looking

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Nearly 14 years after Zoolander took the world by storm with his Blue Steel pose, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back in the first official trailer for Zoolander 2. After a few teasers, the first trailer shows Zoolander and Hansel fight their way back into the fashion world so they can stop a madman from killing all of the world's ridiculously good looking people, including Lenny Kravitz and Penelope Cruz. Stiller directed the sequel and even co-wrote the script with Justin Theroux from Tropic Thunder. The movie also will star Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and Christine Taylor along with cameos by Fred Armisen, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and more. Zoolander 2 will hit theaters on February 12. Check it out below.