Supreme and Toshio Maeda Present a Hentai-Themed Collection

Supreme and Toshio Maeda Present a Hentai-Themed Collection
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Never shying from provocative imagery, Supreme has teamed up with Toshio Maeda, the Japanese manga artist who pioneered the genre known as hentai, on a capsule collection. Maeda's groundbreaking series, Urotsokidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, contained complex plots that mixed elements of erotica, horror and sadistic violence, and subsequently gained a cult following. Maeda's artwork appears on a capsule collection spanning a coaches jacket, zip-up hoodie, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees, and a pillow. The collection launches this Friday, November 27th, at Supreme's New York, L.A., London and online stores. The goods release the following day, November 28th, at Supreme's Japanese locations.

Release Date: 11/27/15 (Black Friday)