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The Handmade Hender Scheme 2015 Unveiled with Lux Leather

Hender Scheme 2015
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Hender Scheme is a specialty artisan shop that is certainly one of a kind, producing handmade leather footwear and other small leather goods out of their small Setagaya, Tokyo location. Known for their knack of redesigning some of the game's most iconic shoes, their latest product comes in the form of this Hender Scheme 2015 derived from a New Balance silhouette. A part of the brand's larger Fall/Winter 2015 "Essence" Collection, the 2015 blends retro styling with contemporary feel that amplifies NB design cues with a heavy dose of premium leather, including the laces. Handmade, as usual, the Hender Scheme 2015 is available now at select shops, including Union LA for $968.